The stitching in the seams if my fly have come away. You can see my pants through them. And I forgot my hat, yes that green ski one. The one that makes me look 12. So the rain has been plopping on my head, which, itself, hangs heavy under the wanky weather. And the hair on my head, it’s overgrown. Wild. Looks like the owner doesn’t give a monkeys. Or maybe is a monkey. Which is partly true, after all.
They rewound the tape from the previous evening. There he was, laying on hay in the corner of the enclosure. He couldn’t keep still. Kept tossing this way and that. A little, red dot appeared at the back of his head, then went off. The message at the bottom of the screen read: DECEASE SUBJECT IF NOT ASLEEP AFTER 48 HOURS.
The creature looked towards the camera. It was errie. A cold, phantasmagorical hand crept into my chest and began squeezing at the mush.
Then it tossed it’s feces at us. It hits the lens, pancaking. We couldn’t see anything.
*   *   *
A few weeks pass. We’ve been receiving postcards, mostly unidentifiable locations, from Russell the chimp. Some of them show the primate with various of the lab workers wives in the midst of indescribable acts of depravity.
There have been a number of stress related sicknesses reported. In truth, we are running on a skeleton crew. And without our test subject, we’re at a loss to see how the project will be funded again.
*   *   *
I haven’t slept in nearly 2 days. So much to do. The Russell case has built up tremendous momentum in the press. There are animal rights activists all around the perimeter of the compound.
I’ve decided to make use of the old, hay cot since there’s almost no chance I’ll be leaving here any time soon.
I watched the news. Some of the activists are wearing t shirts with Russell performing indescribable acts of depravity with my wife.
*   *   *
I try to sleep. But I’m restless. The hay pokes through my sleeping bag.
I try to read.
A red dot appears in the middle of the page. 

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