Brian of England – Deceased

They said there were rats everywhere. That they scratched upon the walls during a night shift. Did they want to get inside?
I’m stood in the dark, smoking. Something the size of a panther just brushed up against my leg. And it didn’t feel threatening. If anything, it seemed it wanted to say hello.
My new body shows none of the advertised characteristics shown on the all night shopping channel.
Sad though it may sound, I was tired of mine. And the attachments that went with it.
I didn’t know these people. My job was totally new to me. I had to force an aeroplane to ground because I’d mistaken one blob on the screen for another.
Now I’m nervous walking home at night.
And when I’m laying in bed, I listen to the engines roar overhead.
My doctor says that I should ‘keep an eye on it…see what develops.’
I sat in a bath of freezing cold water. Ice cubes became trapped in my armpits.
There was a scratching inside the walls. Weils disease.
Shut up brain.
Shut up and go to sleep.
It’ll be a lovely day tomorrow.


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