Time Zip

Time zipped closed upon me. The past two years shrank to a murmur. Memories of arrival flashed back. The view over the sea. The bottle of Grouse on the window ledge; the light turning it a deep, humming gold. And the potent amber liquid, like a weight, pulling my frantic soul into the depths of happy oblivion. The screen flickers with old, beautiful faces.
Sitting upon the new carpet, the smell of fresh emulsion paint mixing with the fumes of booze.
Tears rolled down my face. As they cooled, a sense of euphoria overcame me. Peering up at the world from the bottom of my well, colours deepened, cut through with blades of gold.
I rolled around on the carpet, marking my scent like a stray dog.
In a star shape, a tumbler of whiskey on one hand, I conducted the music of the spheres with one listless, joyous finger.
My phantom tail patted the fresh carpet in time with my sluggish heartbeat.


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