Do you ever dream about a woman? And then when you wake up you’re sort of in love with that woman? Sometimes it can be a fictional woman. Well, one that you don’t know. Or haven’t met yet. Maybe. But this one, this one was my ex. So all day I’ve been in love with my ex. I hope I don’t feel that way much longer. It’s shit.


7 thoughts on “Ex-Shit

      • When I second guess myself like that, I try to remember that an ex is an ex for a reason, or several. Dreams or nostalgia or actual encounters may trigger a rush of emotion that clouds those reasons, but unless those reasons are gone, or can be changed, then yes, it is better to let the emotions recede. But if there are grounds for renewed optimism…who knows what second chances may be in store? 😉

      • You make some very erudite points. Thank you.
        The waters have calmed; though not stilled…and good thing too.
        There should always be some movement!

      • Exactly. Life would grow tiresome and dreary. And this would be a tragedy. Do we need drama? I can only speak for myself; the universe, it seems to me, is in a state of constant, perceivably endless change. A kind of ordered chaos. So if we need fire or ‘drama’ then perhaps this because we live our lives under these fireworks.

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