Beyond the wall there lay a sleeping giant. One with dreams of enormous women. Dreams of vast beaches with endless sands and waters clear and endless like the universe. The giant’s eyes flutter in the depths of slumber and his heart picks up the pace as his mind fleshes out the women, renders each grain of sand on the beach, stretches at the conception of the endless ocean.
Though he has slept through the passing of numerous kings, queens, wars, floods and droughts; he is, nonetheless, in synergy with the world. And it, too, feels his weight upon it and accepts is as a coastal shelf accepts waters relentless assault. It is a part of the order of chaos that does not upset the stomach of the colossus. He is happy, though his mind now stirs with activity. This activity is simply a dream, an ideal. And signifies that, perhaps, he is approaching the hour of his awakening. The time when he will level the earth; saving the giant women, and transforming the globe into one, huge beach resort.
His enormous eyes flutter once more, and a grin begins to form. The earth rumbles to laughter that seems to come from the heavens and, piece by piece, the world is renewed.


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