A Little Bit

The young man sat on a grotty pub bench holding one side of his head. His friends stood around him unceratin of what to do.
I was looking out the window at the scene as though it were telly.
Not real.
Then I noticed three tiny dragons dancing on the window sill. I don’t think anyone else saw. And there was music. Sounded like a Mexican festival.
I picked a match from its box and placed it on the window sill. One of the dragons saw it and picked it up. Then it started tossing it in the air like a baton.
I drew two more matches and placed them by the little dragon. It picked these up and began to juggle.
I spent the rest of the afternoon feeding the dragons crisps. I’m nogt sure if dragons can eat crisps but they seemed to like them.
The man with the sore head was gone and so were his friends. I don’t know where they went.
The dragons disappeared as soon as she sat opposite me. They just sort of folded in upon themselves until they were nothing.
I looked across the table at her and felt myself wither a little bit.


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